The Warrior She Wants

Become The Strong Minded Man That Women Are Fantasising About | Taught by Aslen Claymore
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Ramprasath Srinivasan

Just the tip of the Ice berg

Amazing course shows every individual's strengths and weaknesses in personality, beliefs but focuses on how these play a role in the Attraction/Seduction part of life. I would love it if you could make another course with other archetypes as the...

Olof Sandell

A Great Map of the Attraction Territory

This course is a very comprehensive map of what male attraction is all about. In the past I've listened to many different teachers claiming that this or that behaivour is THE secret to attract women. For example one teacher may advocate being very...

David Malave

Amazing stuff

This course goes over some great stuff not talked about or covered by any other course I’ve Ever taken. l found a simple tapping technique inside the course to be SUPER helpful and effective. I’m very grateful that I was able to take this course. ...

Ramprasath Srinivasan

Amazing course shows every individual's strengths and weaknesses in personality, beliefs but focuses on how these play a role in the Attraction/Seduction part of life. I would love it if you could make another course with other archetypes as the...

Olof Sandell

This course is a very comprehensive map of what male attraction is all about. In the past I've listened to many different teachers claiming that this or that behaivour is THE secret to attract women. For example one teacher may advocate being very...

David Malave

This course goes over some great stuff not talked about or covered by any other course I’ve Ever taken. l found a simple tapping technique inside the course to be SUPER helpful and effective. I’m very grateful that I was able to take this course. ...

Sheldon Roopchand

I'm 61% through The Warrior She Wants and I'm in utter shock and awe. I now realized how much of a train wreck I was without knowing. This training is eye opening and sobering. I think I need to go over everything at least twice to really have tha...

Tom Braddock

Learning to become a man attractive for women nowadays, with all the different schools and models, can be confusing, to the newbie as well as to one who tried out a lot. Aslen's Red Knight attraction model is a powerful guide through all of th...

Ans O'Connor

This course is the best material I've come across yet on understanding how attraction works. If you are reading this, you've probably read or seen a bunch of other material on meeting and attracting women. How much of that material has left ...

Wesley Amorim

If you really want to understand what occurs underneath every interaction with a girl this is it! Aslen makes sure to cover every detail so you can comprehend it intellectually and also from a practical view. You wont be as naive as before in an i...

Tom Loftus

Well done putting the course together! The depth of the content allows for not just an intellectual understanding but creates an emotional impact as well. You combine concepts with practical info using many important examples. I feel more confiden...

Fabian Shaw

If you want to know the 'WHY' behind female psychology and finally 'GET IT' in terms of how attraction really works, this course is highly recommended!

Ail K

It's a course that teaches everything that's needed to succeed in every arena of life . It breaks down the interaction between a man and a women down to the nitty gritty . It will help you understand yourself and you will become a better man , i...

Igor Mikhailau

Aslen, you're my hero. Going through the "Red Knight" book feels like discovering the "Matrix" of attraction, but going through the "Warrior She Wants" is like getting to know the Matrix inside the Matrix. Man, I quit counting aha moments. It's li...

Dan telford

So far this course is everything I have needed and it expands what the red knight book explains. Great content Aslen! Thanks

Aslen Claymore
Aslen Claymore
Founder, Rise Of Kings

About the instructor

Aslen Claymore is the author of Red Knight--a self-help book for men that lays out a Jungian psychological model to explain the sexual attraction dynamics between men and women--and the creator of The Warrior She Wants online training program which explores these ideas in a much deeper and more practical way, focusing on the Warrior archetype; the aspect of masculinity that was most craved in the world by women.

In 2017 Aslen began working on Kingsilver, a cryptocurrency and decentralised self-development economy that seeks to revivify the positive King archetype in the world, and bring about a new golden age of truth, wisdom & individual responsibility.

ATTENTION MEN: Forget the phoney tricks and cheesy lines that make trying to attract women feel shady, and...

Discover How To Awaken Your Dormant Masculinity And Become The Strong-Minded WARRIOR That Women Fantasize About...

...So You Can Stir Deep, Uncontrollable Attraction In Women Without Ever Acting Like A Jerk, Being Overly Aggressive Or Feeling Like You Are Pretending To Be Someone Else

From The Desk of: Aslen Claymore
Founder Of Rise Of Kings
London, UK

Soon-to-be fellow Warrior,

This whole attraction and seduction thing can be quite the pain, huh?

Sadly, as much as us ‘good guys’ want to believe it, niceness just doesn’t get a woman’s hormones going.

The ‘good-guy-gets-the-girl-at-the-end’ Hollywood script is first-class B.S.

...and I’d bet you’ve got plenty of first-hand evidence to confirm just how absurd it actually is.

But it gets worse, doesn’t it?

Because the ‘Internet Gurus’ make it seem like you only have two choices:

  1. Pretend to be someone you’re not, act like an asshole and get attention from women…

  2. Or, be true to who you are and stay forever stuck in the hated ‘friendzone’.

Pretty crappy choices if you ask me.

But you see…

...there IS another way.

And if you give me the chance, in this short letter I’ll show you how you too can stir deep, uncontrollable attraction in women…

...WITHOUT EVER acting like a jerk, being overly aggressive or being untrue to yourself.

Today, I’ll show you how you too can become an irresistible masculine force that will never have to rely on phoney tricks and cheesy lines to get a woman’s attention.

Soon, you’ll be able to feel completely relaxed around even the most intimidating women.

Soon, you’ll start to notice women getting more and more aroused with every word you speak.

Soon, you’ll watch as women find silly excuses and come up with the craziest plots, just to spend more time around you.

Because soon, they will all know you’ve got the one thing they crave above all others:

An awakened inner WARRIOR.

Sounds like a better choice?

Then let’s get to work.


First, Here’s My Promise To You:

Look, I’ll be honest with you.

Being attractive to women is something I had to learn.

I definitely wasn’t born with the natural seductive gifts that some men are fortunate enough to come into this world with.

But today, I’m GRATEFUL for this lack of early understanding…

...and even for the pain, loneliness and crushing depression I had to go through.

Because it was this pain that sent me on the journey that led me to discover what ALL WOMEN are attracted to…

…and mastering the art of guiding other men on THEIR journeys towards this same understanding.

I’ve been through the hazardous jungle…

I’ve mapped out the treacherous terrain…

And I’ve created a detailed map of the path to the ultimate power of masculine sexual attraction.

So YOU don’t have to go through the pain.

So here’s what I want to PROMISE you:

Read every word on this page until the very last one…

...and you will find the KEYS to awakening your inner masculinity - and becoming a seduction powerhouse so potent, women will be unable to control the urges they’ll feel when around you.

You’ll realize exactly where and why you’ve failed to attract women in the past…

...and you’ll know with absolute certainty what to do differently next time.

You are going to finally understand what women really want and what they are uncontrollably attracted to...


It's NOT looks that drives women crazy.

If You've Ever Struggled To Attract Women, Chances Are Your Inner Warrior Is Asleep

A man with an AWAKENED Warrior is a powerful man - especially when it comes to attracting and seducing women.

Because when a man expresses the warrior…

...women simply become uncontrollably attracted - they can’t help it.

They want to be around him…

They feel completely safe and protected in his presence…

They become more feminine in his presence (yes, including the bitchiest and most bad-ass women)...

They fantasize about him when he's not there...

...and when he IS with them, they passionately cling to him and DON’T want to let go!

I’ve experienced this tremendous masculine power myself...

And I’ve seen it at work thousands of times, with all kinds of clients.

Now, right now you may be wondering…

What Is A ‘Warrior’ Anyway?

Great question my friend.

First, let’s begin by explaining what The Warrior is NOT.

Expressing your INNER Warrior is NOT about:

  • Being Tall And Handsome
  • Having Big Muscles
  • Acting Like A Jerk
  • Being Aggressive, Tough, Mean, Rude, etc.

It goes MUCH deeper than this.

In fact, most overly aggressive douchebags you’ve encountered are actually OVERCOMPENSATING for their lack of Warrior.

The real Warrior is about INNER Strength.

TRUE Power.

Power over himself.

Power to get stuff done.

Power to push through pain and fear.

And power to be TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE.

It will all make sense to you if you’re willing to get a bit ‘nerdy’ with me here...

The Red Knight Attraction Model: The BIRTH Of The Warrior

I studied the work of the great psychologist Carl Jung for years.

He’s one of my biggest influences…

And one of his most powerful concepts I found in his work was something he called ‘Masculine Archetypes’.

These are fixed behaviour templates… or sub-personalities,  that we are all born with, and all have inside of us…

...some stronger, some weaker…

But they are all there within us.

Based on this potent knowledge, I’ve given structure and form to what my hundreds of clients have used to develop their inner masculinity and become irresistible magnets to women:

A map of masculine expression and sexual attraction...

The Red Knight Attraction Model.

In it, there are 6 archetypes that we experience almost as personalities:

You see, your experience of reality depends entirely on the masculine archetype you’re nested within at that moment...’ll seem to have different thoughts, ideas, beliefs, habits, attitudes...

...these ‘personalities’ that rule you at different times dictate almost 100% of the results you get from any social interaction you encounter…

...especially with women.

Yes, my friend, understanding the masculine archetypes is the KEY to transforming yourself into an irresistible masculine powerhouse.

Why You’ve Failed To Attract Women In The Past… Which Of These 5 Archetypes Describes YOU?

Want to know the REAL reason why you’re failing to attract and seduce the women YOU are attracted to?

Well, my friend…

It’s NOT that you’re ‘ugly’…

It’s NOT that you ‘don’t know what to say’...

And it’s definitely NOT that you don’t ‘drive a nice car’...’s because YOU HAVE FAILED TO EXPRESS THE WARRIOR!

I’m sorry…

But I’m about to get really harsh on you…

THIS is why you’ve been REPELLING women - pick your poison...

The Lover

Your primary focus is instant gratification… satisfying immediate pleasure by whatever means you have access to. Because of this focus on feeling good right now, you find it incredibly difficult to stick with anything that is too difficult or painful—the foundation of discipline—and always quit when the going gets tough. You're never honest with women you're attracted to because you know that you lack the self-esteem to handle a rejection. The lack structure and direction in your life-path is a massive TURNOFF to women.

The Magician

You're constantly missing out on life due to being stuck up in the ‘high ivory tower’ of your mind… always second-guessing yourself… analysing social situations...constantly wondering ‘what to say’… trying to ‘solve’ women… and a complete inability to be spontaneous and free around beautiful women.

The Wildman

You are the type of man that doesn’t think and just acts in whatever way is appropriate for the moment… you express your sexuality unashamedly and find being spontaneity natural and effortless. Without the social grace and care for the future that is typical amongst other archetypes, the Wildman is often too sexually intense, resulting in women being creeped out.

The Peacemaker

You're a great listener. Your natural empathy means that you can always sense what someone wants to hear, and so always know what to do and say to make people like you. This results in a chameleon-like identity where you can shape-shift to whichever form suits the person you are interacting with. You may end up with multiple female friends, but unfortunately being liked has nothing to do with being desired.

The Trickster

Making women laugh is something you have never had trouble with. You are mischievous, playful and fun to be around. Women never know quite what you have up your sleeve… your conversations are never dull, but as I’m sure you’ve experienced, it’s not all fun and games in the clown house… you might feel that you exist slightly removed from reality in a playful space where things are never serious. Women soon tire of your inability to let the jokes go and connect with them in a real meaningful way, and you always seem to lose girls to men that you see as being more boring than you.


No matter what archetype you felt connected to…

The most sexually attractive masculine archetype is missing.

The Warrior is the most deeply craved aspect of masculinity, mostly because it is the most scarce in modern men.

Awakening your Warrior is EXACTLY what you’ll need to balance your inner world - and turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Because you see, the Warrior is the archetype of discipline, focus and achieving results.

Once the Warrior decides to do something, it is as good as done, since he will strive to complete this task no matter what suffering stands in his way.

This powerful energy means the Warrior achieves great things of life, achieving things others are too afraid or too lazy to even attempt.

This strong, incorruptible spirit is incredibly attractive to women, especially in a world filled with soft men that fall to their knees at the sign of the slightest hardship.

And when women notice that YOU are one of the few men who possess an awakened warrior…

They won’t be able to stop their deep, primal feeling of sexual attractions towards you.

It’s the law of nature my friend…

But you've got be able to EXPRESS your Inner Warrior if you want women to notice...

Here's The Secret To Expressing The WARRIOR

The Warrior is expressed through conversation.

This is done through a variety of conversation techniques that any man can learn...

...and once you do, your interactions with women will NEVER be the same again!

Learning how to express The Warrior works just the same as learning a new language.

A whole new language that, once you learned, allows you to communicate without having to worry about being misunderstood.

And in this very same way, once you learn how to express The Warrior, it will merge into your natural expressions and you will never have to worry again about being attractive.

It will be a mechanism that you can simply turn on and off whenever you want.

And the best part?

You can start learning it today by following one of the most mind-bending courses I’ve ever created:

The Warrior She Wants

THE WARRIOR SHE WANTS Is Truly The Best Modern Approach To Female Attraction You Can Find

It’s the ultimate course for learning,mastering and embodying at your innermost core the seduction skill set required for the 21st-century man to achieve absolute female attraction.

This life-changing course is the product of nearly a decade of experimentation and research, culminating in the Red Knight Attraction modelthe ultimate psychological blueprint for being sexually attractive to women—modelled using Carl Jung's masculine archetypes.

After completing this course, your interactions with women will never be the same EVER again.

Whether you're a virgin, single, dating or in a serious relationship, this course will transform you into the man that all women want:the Warrior.

I’ve designed this course specifically to help you maximize the speed of your development.

The course is divided into 9 fully packed modules, each one focusing on a very specific area and building on what was covered in the previous modules.

With each module, we’ll be outlining the problems generated by most modern western men’s inability to fully tap into their Warrior within…

...while exploring why it’s absolutely vital to learn these techniques.

It is really important for you to know exactly WHY you are learning what’s presented to you in each module, because you will be able to realize ALL the mistakes you have been making in the past and why it's YOUR personalities and expressions

This is the first step to learn how to awaken the Warrior Within and demonstrate this in your everyday interactions.

So once you fully learn WHY is it that you needed to learn the problems presented in each module, you will get to learn the techniques that solve these problems and prepare you with all the information you’ll need to USE these techniques.

Picture this like the weapons armoury to get you prepared for the training!

And once you got those two critical aspects for each module, we can now break down, explain and teach you the specific techniques that solve the problems previously outlined in each module.

This course structure makes it really easy for you to dominate the in and outs of these teachings by allowing you to quickly go back and readdress any specific aspect that you need to go through again ASAP.

Module 1: The Warrior She Wants

In this module, you will finally learn how ATTRACTION really works, WHAT WOMEN really want and what YOU need to do to become a highly-attractive man.

This is the foundation for everything that’s going to be taught in this whole course.

Duration: 47 Minutes

Module 2: The Warrior Within

Before we even begin to talk about techniques and strategies, we need to fix what’s going on inside your head.

Without addressing your sabotaging internal voice and negative beliefs, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle trying to transform yourself into the warrior she wants.

Duration: 1 Hour

Module 3: The Warrior Without Words

This is where we are going to cover the essentials and the fundamentals that I see so many men underlook in my coaching.

Some of these will seem obvious, other stuff you might have never even considered, but all of that combined will provide you with a solid, attractive platform on which to build.

Nail everything in this module, and you will make everything else in this course so much easier!

Duration: 44 Minutes

The next 5 modules, go through the 5 Warrior Triggers which are the 5 sets of techniques you can perform which demonstrates and express The Warrior Within and automatically trigger attraction in the women of your life!

Module 4: The Hero

In this module you are going to learn how to trigger uncontrollable attraction in women by succeeding with a series of actions and techniques that express the most important of The Warrior Triggers, The Hero.

What do women want?

Do you sometimes think women like to be treated badly?

I’ve got news for you, sexual attraction is Amoral.

A sword or a gun isn’t good or evil, the morality of its use depends on the man that wields it.

Attraction triggers are tools that once you learn how to wield them, I’m sure you’ll use them to enrich women, not abusing them.

Maybe you’ve noticed by now that approaching women with your interactions thinking ‘what can I do or say to please her’ doesn’t work, looking at her to decide how to behave around her and what to say to her seems like the most logical strategy which would work in other situations

But with women, it’s doing everything backwards.

Women are attracted to a man that knows what he wants.

Not a man that’s always trying to work out what she wants, because again, what she wants (burn this into the back of your head) is a man that knows what he wants.

Women do want a nice guy that treats her right, but NOT if that means sacrificing the masculine archetypes that turn her on.

So you got to learn how to give her the best of both worlds, a man who loves her, respects her and wants her to be happy, but also, a man who knows how to sexually excite her at the same time, to be the nice bad boy, the Red Knight.

When you learn how to use the Hero Triggers in this module, you communicate to women that you are a man that knows what he wants and women found that incredibly attractive because these actions are expressing his Lover and Warrior archetypes.

In this module, you are discovering how to know yourself, how to know who you really are, what you really want, what you really love...

...this is the realm of the Lover and the degree to which you are out of touch with this, the less attractive to women you will be, because Expressing the Hero Triggers will be impossible for you if you don’t take the time and effort to learn them...

Duration: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

Module 5: The Creator

In this module we are going to explore the 4 Creator Triggers that demonstrate the presence of your Warrior and your Magician.

The magician is the source for your power to learn, to grow and to arm yourself with the skills, tools and strategies to achieve whatever you want in life.

Ultimately, the magician is the archetype of power, and when combined with the Warrior, it allows you to become an unstoppable force in the realm of female seduction.

You might think I’m kidding with this one but if you are not able to grasp this and to learn how to express and demonstrate your Creator, then you might never take full control of your life and become a victim that’s absolutely powerless to change the trajectory of his life.

Taking the steering wheel is too frightening for a lot of people, but the second you take charge of the direction that you’re heading towards, means taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life...

...and that control over your future, your ability to steer around obstacles and to take care for passengers in your car, it’s a very sexy thing for women!

Power is definitely sexy, but the Victim has no power because he’s disconnected to the genius of his magician.

Your connection with your magician is strong, your desire to learn to gain new knowledge, if not you wouldn’t be reading this.

Maybe your magician has sabotaged past interactions with women as the magician isn’t great at socialising and communicating...  

...but women are very attracted to intellect and its application, so it's time for you to learn how to express your Magician with the help of your Warrior through the Creator Triggers!

Duration: 1 Hour 14 Minutes

Module 6: The Guardian

In this module we are going to dissect the painful and popular delusion that you are too nice to be attractive to women!

I got news for you, women don’t dream about jerks, they want a nice guy.

They want a man that’s empathetic, kind, thoughtful...a man that cares for her, that’s attentive to her needs and desires, a man that makes her feel happy...

In other words, Women want a man that has a strong connection to their Peacemaker Masculine Archetype(the most feminine of these archetypes).

But if this all that man can offer to women, it won’t be enough to spark sexual attraction, but that’s NOT ALL…

...women are willing to sacrifice the empathetic gifts of the peacemaker in order to explore the seductive masculinity of the Warrior…

And this is usually the case of a beautiful woman choosing the ‘jerk’ over the nice guy.

Nevertheless, don’t let this fool you, Women do love men you are in touch with their feminine side, you just gotta learn how to give her the best of both worlds.

So worry not, the Peacemaker is an amazing platform to build from, and we must build on it if we are trying to stand a chance at becoming attractive to women.

And this whole module will focus on developing The Guardian Triggers, the attractive actions of the guardian personality type, which is the union of the Peacemaker and the Warrior!

Duration: 1 Hour 51 Minutes

Module 7: The Provocateur

In this module we are exploring The Provocateur Triggers.The perfect antidote to the frustrations women have with the boring, open-way most nice guys behave around them...

...try to imagine, what would happen if you mixed the strong, serious, determined Warrior with the fun, mischievous, witty, trouble-making Trickster?

If you recall from the Red Knight Attraction Model video up there where we say that the fundamental action that triggered sexual attraction in women was the oscillation between open and closed masculine archetypes...

Also known as pull-push-pull dynamics.

The reason most men struggle to be attractive to women is because they only express their open archetypes, they are purely open men.

Saturating the prospects for women with Lovers and Peacemakers who ONLY try to create connection with women through rapport, rarely expressing their closed archetypes around women and are unable to create that open-close, push-pull dynamic.

And to take things even further, some men judge their ultimate closed personality type,the Provocateur, to be BAD...

...and so reject it, deny it, suppress it... resulting in a really great loss.

The Provocateur is the gateway through which the nice guy needs to pass in order to be reborn a sexually attractive man.

Once he steps through his fear of losing rapport, of offending, of being labelled a jerk or a ‘bad person’, once he crosses that threshold...

...he will discover the secret that only some men in the world men know.

Learn how to awaken the combined personality types of the Trickster and the Warrior in one of my very favourite modules of the entire ‘The Warrior She Wants’ course, The Provocateur Triggers.

Duration: 1 Hour 56 Minutes

Module 8: The Outlaw

In this module we are going to learn about of the economics of sexuality for you to discover how to shift your paradigm on the rules of the game by being able to embrace your sexuality and the sexuality of women making sure you demonstrate and let them know EXACTLY THAT.

And all by learning how to express one of the most explosive and intense masculine personality types, the combination of the primal sexuality and unashamed spontaneity of The Wildman and the straightforwardness and incorruptibility of The Warrior…

...resulting in The Outlaw.

You might not even have the slightest clue of what I’m talking about right now, but trust me, this is one of the most eye-opening, mind-bending chapters you will ever encounter in the teachings of women and seduction in the world.

To give you a little introduction, please answer this for me:

“Who wants sex more, men or women?”

Well, obviously men, right?

Ok, hold your thoughts for a couple of minutes and let me tell you what The Outlaw would answer to this question.

The Outlaw KNOWS that women desire and crave sex as much as we do, that they are as sexual as MEN, and he also knows that the less you judge her for embracing her sexuality, the more likely it is for her to sleep with you.

This is the reward for learning how to be in touch and how to express appropriately the Wildman around Women.

The Outlaw knows this secret, and he makes sure to let them know that HE KNOWS and that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of by accepting and embracing one's sexuality, male and female both ways.

This module allows you to become a sexual Warrior that’s really in touch with his Wildman, it teaches you how to FREE yourself and the women in your life, from the bondage of sexual shame...’s time to become the sexual man that women crave, it's time learn what really turns women on, it’s time to awaken your Wildman by expressing the Outlaw Triggers!

Duration: 3 Hours 18 Minutes

Module 9: The Warrior’s Road

Finally, in module 9, we will give you everything you need to build the ultimate fail-safe success strategy guide going forward to make sure you really do BECOME the warrior she wants!

This is a 14.5+ hour course that I’m really proud of, I truly believe that it’s the most powerful course of its kind out there and I can’t wait to guide you through this transformational journey!

This knowledge has changed my life and I know it’s going to change your life.

And more importantly, the life of the women in your life.

Duration: 2 Hours 23 Minutes

Now tell me something... much value would something like this mean for you and your life? much would your investment in terms of money, time, effort and sacrifice represent for you to finally become The Warrior She Wants?

I Taught This Same Course As A Live Event For $997 Per Ticket

The Warrior She Wants is the most comprehensive seduction course you’ll find… it contains:

  • 42 Videos
  • 1 PDF (Warrior Attraction Triggers)
  • A Discussión Forum For Each Module
  • 1 Audio File (Instant Warrior Mindset Track)
  • 14.5+ Hours Of Content

And access to our Private, Members-Only Facebook Community

And to top off these awesome bonuses off, you’ll also get full email support directly from me.

So if you have questions about any of the lessons, get stuck on something or just need something explained a little clearer, you can contact me personally, straight from the member's area.

Now, You May Be Thinking…

I’m beginner/intermediate/advanced level...will this course help me?

DAMN RIGHT!  These techniques are designed to lay out different paths for the complete beginner, intermediate and advanced student, so you won’t ever find yourself lacking in knowledge from the beginning until the end of the course.

I don’t have a clue what my primary archetype is, will this course still work for ME?

Definitely! We have a test you can take to see what is the main archetype that defines your major personality so you can discover the triggers and sets of behaviours you can adopt to drive uncontrollable attraction to the women you are seeking (especially the ones that you don’t realize are that are already seeking for you).

I think I may be a little too old for this… will I be able to keep up?

YES! Learning and Mastering women seduction is never too late or too early to get started.

In fact, most of the members of The Warrior She Wants are well into their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s...

And after the feedback I’ve gotten from thousands of students from their early 20’s to even 60+ year old gentleman, I’ve designed this course to give you great results, no matter your age.

Ok so, how much is it to invest in The Warrior She Wants course?

Well, first let me tell you that we have a…

30-Days, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

This means that you can literally sign up, go through the entire course and learn as much as you can for 30 full days and STILL ask for a refund if you’re not 100% happy.

There’s no hassle, no tedious process and no hurdles to jump through. Simply let us know you’re not satisfied and will give you your money back on the spot - literally, no questions asked.

So you could learn everything The Warrior She Wants has to offer and still ask for a refund just because you feel like it.

Now, I know you’re not going to do that.

But I want to make it clear this offer poses literally ZERO RISK to you.

The bottom line is, I don’t want your money if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Good News:

You Won’t Have To Invest Anywhere Near The Same Amount As If I Was Teaching You Through A One on One Session Or Through A Live Event!

Look, I charge $200 an hour for 1 on 1 coaching lessons, so if you were to get just 1 lesson off me a week, in a month that would cost you around $800.

And honestly, even a full month of classes wouldn’t compare to the massive amount of knowledge, techniques and tools you’ll get when you sign up for The Warrior She Wants.

But the good news is that, because I can reach so many people only at once, I don’t have to charge you near the same amount as if I was teaching you through private lessons.

In fact, the price of The Warrior She Wants isn’t even half of what a month of lessons with me would cost you ($400)

It’s not even that.


The Warrior She Wants is just $197

That’s right!

It’s only the price of a good dinner for two for you to become The Warrior She Wants once and for all, to finally be able to attract the women you fantasize about in your wildest dreams and to become the man you always wanted to project into society and the feminine kind…

And also, The Warrior She Wants has the potential to be the saviour and beam of light to the troubling fog generated from years of decaying sexual magnetism between once-perfect partners, this course will rebirth the flames.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Click the red BUY $197 button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page.

This thing is locked down with the most cutting-edge technology for data safeguarding and is fully certified, so your credit card information is not going anywhere.

After you complete the process, you’ll be taken to a thank you page that’ll ask you to check your email.

In that email, you’ll get a link to the member's area and your login information and you’ll be good to go. That’s it!

You’ll get instant access to the member’s area that you can view on your home pc, tablet or mobile device. So you can learn 24/7 wherever you are in the world!    

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- Aslen Claymore
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